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Greg Cassar

As Australia’s leading Digital Marketing Strategist, Greg Cassar is an expert when it comes to online conversion and lead generation. Having run several successful online consulting and e-commerce businesses for the past decade, Greg is now a sought after business coach and mentor for those wanting to optimise and ramp up their online businesses by laser targeting all aspects of digital marketing.

Greg’s business philosophy is centralised around integrity and providing complete transparency with his ability to work with and improve businesses. Before any business relationship starts he takes the time to ensure the business is the right fit for what his services provides. As a result, Greg has hundreds of happy clients and raving fans Australia wide singing his praise and recommending his services. Greg’s clients vary from the newbie who’s just getting started right through to the multi millionaire direct response marketing types.

Greg Provides the following services as part of his coaching at The Collective:

  • Bringing in truck loads of highly targeted leads who are already searching for the products and services you offer but who are not currently finding you. We achieve this in the following way:
    • Extensive keywords research, set up, optimise and provide ongoing advice In relation to your customised Google Adwords campaigns.
    • Repeat the above processes for both Yahoo Search Marketing and Microsoft Ad Center Pay Per Click traffic.
  • Improve the Conversion Rate on your current websites and Increase Your Return on Investment (ROI). This is achieved in the following way:
    • Helping you to Implement A/B Split Testing and/or Multivariate Split testing with Googles’ Website Optimizer to test headlines, prominent images, calls to action etc.
    • Implementing Google Analytics to report back to you on how your customers are navigating around your web presence and consuming your products and services.
  • Grow the market awareness and increase the SEO of your business with the very latest Web 2.0 Marketing strategies
    • You Tube videos
    • Podcasts
    • Create and Manage your Optimised Blog
    • Keyword Rich Press Releases
    • Social media presence
    • Viral marketing
    • Article and slide show marketing and distribution

Greg’s rapid rise to success is explained by his impressive entrepreneurial history.

In 2005 he set up ‘Internet Marketing Done For You’ after spending 13 years as a self pro-claimed computer geek. As an IT Infrastructure Architect Greg consulted for Government Agencies, Banks, Insurance companies and large corporates on IT Architecture and strategy ranging from small deals to large deals in the Billions of dollars. It’s this tech background that has helped him stand out in the Marketing industry, by positioning him as a niche lead generation and optimization specialist, who also had the complimentary skill of understanding the implementation process as well as the theory. As a result, Greg’s first client Mal Emmery (owner of www.streetsmartmarketing.com.au and respected industry leader), was impressed with not only his knowledge, but also his ability to to do things with precision  and speed, thus achieving impressive results for his business.

Since consulting to Mal, Greg has gone onto to Double the Business of many online business including Maths Online (where he increases sales by $89,000 in the first 8 weeks of work), Internet secrets (where he made the business 650% ROI), Bodytrim (where he increased incoming leads by 600 per month and One Stop Patio Shop where he increased sales from $40,000 – to $200,000 in 3 months. While Consulting to businesses has been the bread and butter of his work for largely the past decade, Greg has now moved into the coaching space, setting up intensive and specialised mastermind training for switched on business owners who instead of wanting a ‘done-for-you’ solution, prefer a coach to teach them the skills to double their business and hold them accountable as they action it themselves. It’s likened to a ‘done-with-you’ solution.

Greg is a member on international markers round table and frequently travels to the U.S to meet with Ryan Diess, Perry Marshall and other high end international direct response marketing businesses to keep up to date with the latest digital marketing trends and workshop with some of the brightest international marketing minds. His Knowledge is sought after at Dale Beaumont’s Business Blueprint seminars, at which Greg frequently presents at.

As a certified Google professional and Google partner attending Google meetings every few months, Greg is always on the forefront of any system default setting changes Google makes, which enables him to share this information with this clients, saving them big bucks in their online advertising.

It’s Greg’s thirst for staying ahead of the curve and being able to to covey difficult information in a simple way that provides his clients with unrivaled value and service.

Not limited to running his Mastermind coaching business ‘The Collective’, Greg is also editor for the Leading Online Magazine for digital marketers called ‘Internet Marketing Magazine’ and owns several successful e-commerce stores.

Greg’s motto in life: “Invest in Yourself, Run Your Winners Long, Cut Your Loser Short, and Have Fun on the Journey.”

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