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google iStock_000016026553XSmallNever before in the history of Advertising and Marketing has it been possible to spend such a small amount of money, write a couple of ads, and get instant access to millions of people Searching for Your Product or Service in less than 20 minutes.

But with the Power of Google Adwords you can achieve that – right now! You will get more visitors and leads for Less Money than you are Currently Paying.

As a website owner you need more targeted people to your website and you need them now. If you run a print ad or an ad on TV you might get an influx of new site visitors, but what is the chance that they just happen to be hot and heavy looking for your product or service at the time that you run your ad – low to say the least.

More Leads Than the Sales Team Can Handle and are Doing 4 times ROI on Adspend

Lawrence Wolf Adwords ConsultingGreg at the team at have been instrumental in our lead generation. They have dominated page 1 of Google with Google Adwords ads in the top 1-3 spots across the board. They created and tested a series of high converting landing pages for us resulting in significantly more site visitors converting to lead enquiries and better ROI. We now have more leads than the sales team can handle and are doing 4 times ROI on ad spend.

Lawrence Wolf
Director, Ecofoam and Foamed Insulations

But with Google Adwords they are actively searching in the Google Search engine for products or services that solve the problem that they are experiencing right now – and having your Ad on that front page at the time that they are looking can solve their problem (and give you a new customer at the same time). People searching the web simply click your ad to make a purchase or learn more about you. More customers for you means more profit for you and your business.

The catch is – for new marketers advertising with Google Adwords it is very hard to have your ads optimised to meet all the various rules and guidelines for it to be cost effective. So, for the average punter Google AdWords looks like a great tool… But the best keywords are too expensive, your keywords and ads keep getting disabled, you’re disappointed and have to pay $1 or $2 or $4 or more per click for popular search terms – and the whole process is a whole lot harder than it should be.

google adwords Adwords Consulting

google adwords consulting

google adwords consulting

The answer to this problem is to get Adwords Consulting from a professional in the field who has managed hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of clicks a year and can use that experience to setup and review your campaign optimally. This will allow you to focus on your key business while we design your campaign in such a way that your ads are now on the front page of Google, you are paying less per click than your competition, your ads are 100% relevant to what people are searching for, and your ads are delivering targeted leads to the relevant pages of your site.

Effectively what we will create for you is a system that transforms your Internet Advertising strategy into a systematic, predictable, cash-flow multiplier. We will provide you more visitors, and you will pay less money, even when more and more bidders are jumping in every day.

david treolar Adwords ConsultingOur Clients Say “You Guys Are Everywhere”

Our Clients Say “You Guys Are Everywhere”

david treolar Adwords ConsultingGreg Cassar and the team at built us a lead conversion website and traffic system that systematically produced multiple leads per day starting from the very first day we turned it on. Their Google Adwords campaign dominance in the search engine is masterful.

Next they implemented re-marketing for us which helped with low cost conversions as well as our brand awareness. Our clients and prospects see our banners everywhere that they navigate around on the web. Our clients say “You Guys are Everywhere”.

If you are after traffic and lead conversion you are in the right place.

David Treloar, Getaway Camper Trailers

There are two main scenario’s here. If you fit into either of these then it is worth fixing these problems today.

1.You currently have low traffic to your site and don’t have AdWords but know it could launch your business if implemented properly

2.You currently have AdWords setup on your site but it’s costing youtoo much money and is not giving you enough leads.

The Collective has AdWords and other Pay Per Click clients ranging from newbies’ online right through to the ever growing list of multi millionaire internet marketers that use our services. We can help you too


Next Steps: Contact Us for a FREE no obligation enquiry and consultation. Based on our teams experience we can tell within as little as 5 to 10 minutes whether or not we can help you get more clicks, more customers and fatter profit margins, or simply just reduce your costs and optimise your existing Adwords campaign. If we can’t help you we will simply and honestly say so – this means you have nothing to lose and only profits and savings to gain.


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