Web Marketing Audits

Web Marketing Audits

Ask yourself a couple quick questions….

Am I making as much money online as I should be?

Am I getting as much traffic to my site as I need?

Am I capturing leads efficiently?

Is my website converting enough visitors to sales?

Is my website optimised so site visitors know if my site is for them?

If you answered ‘No’ to any of these questions then rather than spending another 2 grand on a course for gathering dust on your bookshelf you should take some massive action and get a full time Direct Response Internet Marketing professional to give you a ‘NO BS’ independent review and tailored recommendations directly about your web business and site…

Get a Complete Audit of Your Existing Business to Determine If and Where You are Currently Wasting Time and Money and How You Can Get Truckloads more Highly Qualified Traffic and Paying Customers!

At The Collective, Here are the kinds of aspects Greg Cassar and his team will look at and assess, over the course of your membership:

  • Niche, Product and Pricing. Am I set up to be profitable?
  • Who are my competitors?
  • How is my site ranking on the search engines? How are people currently finding me?
  • What is the best way to drive traffic to my site, both immediately and longer term?
  • What about this Web 2.0 stuff! Is it relevant to my business?
  • How can I easily monitor what my customers are doing on my site?
  • Am I capturing leads effectively and efficiently?
  • Am I split testing to increase my sales conversions and make more money?
  • Is my website design and buying process user friendly?
  • And much, much more…

We will provide you with a clear set of prioritized recommendations that are 100% specific to your business

Contact Us on 1300 082 614 to see if we are ‘the right fit’ for each other moving forwards!

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