The Most Important Financial IQ Levers That Influence Your Profit!

How To Reduce Your Expenses, Increase Your Cash & Create The Profit Wedge In Your Business Lever 7: Reduce Expenses & Cogs Lever number seven is reduce expenses and COGS. So COGS means Cost of Good Sold. If you’re selling Widgets, how do you reduce the expenses of those Widgets when you’re buying them? You want to know this because it is actually the fastest way to double the profitability of nearly any business. Actually, the truth is the fastest way to double the profitability of nearly any business is to reduce expenses by 10% to 15%. If you think about

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The Profit Triad – The 3 Ways to Grow Any Business

Acquire Customers ~ Who Spend More ~ And Buy Again 1: Get More Customers The first part of the Profit Triad is how do we get more customers. Often everyone thinks about “we’ve got to get more traffic’ ok, which yes that’s true, if you can double the amount of traffic, you may be able to double the amount of sales BUT it’s a very very expensive way of doing it. What we want to be doing first is optimising the website, optimise the presence, the calls to action, the sales page. In every business, everyone thinks every page on my website is

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The Profit Wedge… Engineering More Profit & Cash

Our focus today is engineering profit and cash for you the business owner.  We’ve been lucky enough to work with hundreds of businesses and what we see is that most business owners are primarily focused on growing sales revenue, which is fantastic but it’s limited. A better goal is to grow profit, and an even a better goal, again, is to grow more cash in your business. What we have seen is what you focus on is what you get.  Check out this 2 minute quick video below. A Common Scenario for Business Owners With most businesses that we see, they

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