Marketing Awareness, Traffic Temperature and Stories

Hot Traffic –  They Know You, They Like You, They Trust You! I want to talk through 3 topics; market awareness, traffic temperature, and stories. Perhaps you are thinking, what do these three things have in common? Hopefully I can make that clear as you read through. Traffic Temperatures You’ve got hot traffic, which is people that are searching directly for your product. They’re searching directly for your brand, directly for your service, directly for you. That’s hot traffic. They know you, like you, trust you. They want what it is that you sell. Then you’ve got warmer traffic. They might be

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14 Landing Page Optimisation Components To Generate MORE Leads

When it comes to designing landing pages, we used to do everything manually. You would need to map out what it was going to be, send it to a graphic designer, wait for the design to come back… the whole thing taking weeks from start to finish. Now, with the support of some helpful landing page tools like ClickFunnels and LeadPages you can do what used to effectively take weeks in a day, or even a couple of hours. This has made the barrier to entry significantly smaller, which means that more people can easily create slick looking landing pages without

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Want More Leads? Are You Fishing With The Right Hook?

A common problem we see is that all business owners are wanting more leads but often they are not really thinking about the scenario of ‘not every hook and lure is going to attract and catch every type of fish’. What is a Lead Magnet? So what I mean by that statement above is: As a business owner you’ve got lead magnets in your business that you deploy as bait to lure your fish (new leads). They might be a free report, a white paper, a video series, a swipe file, something like that. A lead magnet is something of

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