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I shot this quick video for you because I wanted to let you know you’re not alone on this journey of ‘entrepreneurship’. We’ve created an environment called ‘The Collective’ which is filled with highly successful like-minded eCommerce business owners that are on their own journey to win the game. We meet 4 to 5 times a year to strategise, share and encourage one another to push boundaries and reach new highs! It’s just a couple of minutes, check it out here:


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You can go at this alone, and sure you’ll probably make it… but…if you’re working alongside like-minded peers that are encouraging you and a coach that challenging you to think bigger, there is no doubt about it, you’re going to get there a hell of a lot faster!

Remember, don’t reinvent the wheel when you don’t have to. Learning from others and especially what didn’t work for them is so, so important and will save you a whole lot of unnecessary pain!

I’ve said this to you before and I’ll say it again, the most successful businesses we meet get one-on-one help from me and our implementation team to strategically plan and then execute quickly and efficiently for more leads; more clients; higher average order value; more repeat transactions and ultimately more profit.

If you watched the video and my message resonated well with you and you feel like you could really benefit from surrounding yourself with the right people, in the right atmosphere, we would love to talk to you about where you are right now and what you’re chasing for yourself, your family and your business.

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I’m Serious About Taking My eCommerce Business To The Next Level

See Below Just a Small Sample of Others Sharing their Stories of Success with Working With Us

“In Our First 12 Months Not Only Have We Doubled Our First Business But We’ve Removed Our Biggest Expense and Started a Profitable 2nd Business as Well”

Colin and Loren Fragar
Directors – Council Approval Experts

“In the First Month In the Collective We Doubled Our Number of Sales…”

David Heatley
Founder – Cycling Inform

“Everyone Focusses on More Revenue, Greg is Really Focussed on More Profit… Especially in the eCommerce Space”

Russell Brunson
Co-founder of ClickFunnels

“From Zero Revenue to $100k Per Month in Just 11 Months…”

Paul Glossop
Director – Pure Property Investments

“My Business Has Now Doubled in Volume & Revenue is Up 125%… and I Have a Year of Even Bigger Growth Ahead of Me”

Tim McKay
Director – Frozen Napoleon

“After the First Year in the Collective We More Than Doubled Our Business”

Craig Anderson
Director – The Sunglass Fix

“$41k of Sales in 4 Days”

gleny-cox“Working with Greg Cassar and the Collective we quickly adopted the concept of the Marketing Calendar and rapidly implemented it in our business.

Greg taught me the formula for the 4 day cash machine, I wrote the sales copy and Greg advised me and edited it and we sent it live. We did $41k of sales in 4 days and were very happy with the result.

This is just one of many initiatives that we are working on with the Collective team and have many exciting promotions planned for the near future.

I’ve been in a number of masterminds before and this one is by far the most organised, productive and getting me the results I want”

Gary Nickless

“An Extra $51,000 Profit Per Month”

nick-oughtred“After learning from Greg the Financial IQ modules and having our strategic consultation we were able to pull some financial levers to reduce our costs and add an extra $51,000 profit per month”

Nick Oughtred
Conscious Lifestyler

“Spent $3,627.91 on Advertising… For Backend Sales of Around $200,000”

gleny-cox“Greg taught us a new Tripwire Marketing Concept. We spent $3,627.91 on advertising in the last campaign. The initial sales are over $10,000.00 and the back end over the next twelve months is on track to be around $200,000.00. This is now a repeatable promotion that we can run again next year. Thanks for you help!”

Glenys Cox
Online Horse College

“An additional $48,000 in Sales Per Month from the Web…”

DannyAliWe had a website that was not effective at all as it was resulting in no leads and sales. Greg Cassar and his team built us a new highly effective site and accelerated our traffic with a professional Adwords campaign as well as several other traffic sources.

The result has been an additional $48,000 in sales per month from the Web. Our lead enquiry is constant now with several leads a day.

Ali Halupka
Grant Sheds

“We have Grown 10 Times in Size in a Year”

MelodyAndCameronTownsend“Working with Greg Cassar & The Collective we quickly transitioned to a state of the art eCommerce store and wholesale site. This increase in professionalism of our brands look and feel had an immediate effect with a sales increase and helped us secure several wholesale deals including international sales opportunities. The result is we have grown 10 times in size in a year.

We now have scored a tradeshow space complimentary as the Exhibitor was so impressed with our remarketing that Greg helped us with as his impression was that ‘we were everywhere’.

Now we are rapidly getting customers with a state of the art marketing funnel together as an advanced client acquisition strategy that I’ve never seen done in Australia before”

Melody & Cameron Townsend
Founders – Active Creatures

“The Bank Manager said to me ‘Do You Realise You Have Just Tripled Your Business?'”

Sunny-Richards-Glasser“Greg and the team transformed each of the main parts of my site to be more effective for lead capture and communicating with the prospects what they want to know.

We are dominating google search, all our events are full & we are making more profit per sale.

We now have several hundred more leads per course and a systematic and predictable way of marketing to them again. This has led to our courses being filled and us having to turn off the marketing at times.

They showed us how to increase our profit per sale and also add an upsell for each main transaction, thus having a massive effect on the profitability of the business.

Their skill with Google Adwords is of a very high magnitude, as within 1-2 weeks of the new campaigns going live we had top 3 positions for our search terms in every country we targeted and a constant supply of leads.

The recent work with Facebook Ads is amazing, with our cost per click down to 26cents and the click through rate is now as high as 4.508% which is incredible for Facebook ads. Engagement and Likes are both way up.”

Sunny Richards-Glasser
Director – Yoga Surfing Retreats

“Put $300k in my Pipeline and Makes Every Dollar from July 1 Profit”

MarkRobinson2“Greg Cassar helped my businesses with the Impact-Ease Grid.

This was a big turning point for us. By focussing on just one project we put $300k in my pipeline and makes every dollar I make from July one profit.

I haven’t even implemented all the traffic and conversion stuff that he taught me. Worth joining? I think so…”

Mark Robinson
Director – Acquire Group

“45 New Members & Our Biggest Record Month Ever”

Ken Burgin“Thanks Greg for such a great result from the cash machine email promotion. The sales exceeded my expectations and they just kept on coming, with each stage of the promo pulling in more.

This is our biggest record month ever and together now we can make this promotion evergreen. I appreciate your continued support and having access to your excellent brain – here’s to lots more of this!”

Ken Burgin
Director – Profitable Hospitality

“Improved the Bottom Line of our Business by $235,200 and Free Our Time up by up to 92 Hours a Month”

Annie_Rogers“Our business had negative cash-flow and many time constraints.

In just 2 hours of strategic consults with Greg Cassar he was to identify opportunities for us to improve the bottom line of our business by $235,200 and free up our time by up to 92 hours a month.

Both of these things will have a massive effect on the business.”

Annie Rogers
Valued Athletes Pty Ltd

“$40,000 per month to now $200,000 per month… in 3 months…”

Dean McKain
One Stop Patio Shop

“More Profit Per Customer While Optimising the Customer Experience Along the Way”

Keith Crance
Co-Founder ‘Dominate Web Media’
& Co-Author ‘The Ultimate Guide to Facebook Ads’

“I Spent a Dollar With Greg and He Made Us a Thousand Dollars in Return”

Andrew Grant
Our Internet Secrets

“I’m constantly given new information. These guys are well ahead of the game”

Casey Evans
Marketing Manager, Australian Security Academy

“$89,000 Increase in Sales in the First 8 Weeks…”

Pat Murray

“The return on investment is beyond words”

Cath Colville
Founder, World Stage Expo

“Having a coach that pushes you to spend as much time working on your business, as much as in it, is very helpful”

Matt Oxley
Director, Adapt Media

“$430,000 in Sales in Just a Few Weeks”


Greg Cassar is one of Australia’s sharpest minds around internet marketing. His knowledge of traffic generation strategies…conversion strategies… and big picture ‘marketing optimisation’ is second to none. We worked together a product launch that bought in over $430,000 in sales in just a few weeks. And for that same client he bought in over 1000 new qualified leads for a surprisingly low lead cost. If you are a marketer or business owner who wants the edge, and you get a chance to work with Greg…grab it with both hands!

John Anderson

“I’m constantly getting new ideas and feedback. I can’t recommend the Collective highly enough if you’re an entrepreneur looking to take your business to the next level.”

James Allen
SMSF Strategist, Futureaa

“Just One Conversation a Week Ago with Greg Cassar Has Added an Extra Quarter of a Million Dollars of Business”

Bret Thomson
Master Copywriter

“Increased the Leads Coming into My Business by 530%”

Judeth Wilson
CEO and Founder
Upfront Communications

“This is Our 2nd Year with the Collective and We Don’t Think They’ll Ever Get Rid of Us – It’s Extraordinary and We Could Never Have Dreamt How Well it Could Go”

Jandra Faranda
Director – EnviroBug

“Our Lead Generation is Over 200% Up”


“Greg helped us with a re-branding piece for our company that made it crystal clear to the market place what our value proposition is. The new site, onsite SEO optimisation and Adwords campaign has resulted in a far more professional and effective look and feel.

Our lead generation is over 200% up on where we were previously from the web and we are now getting leads and deal flow like we never have before.”


Erica Smith
ISO Certifications Experts (

“200% Increase in Lead Page Conversion and a Constant Stream of Leads”

Niro Thambipillay
Marketing Director – Property Investors Institute of Australia

“Last Year We Got 40 New Customers from the Web… Now with the New System we Have 11 New Customers in the First 2 Weeks”

Andrew Darcey
Leading Edge Physio

“More Leads Than the Sales Team Can Handle and are Doing 4 times ROI on Adspend”


Greg and his team have been instrumental in our lead generation. They have dominated page 1 of Google with Google Adwords ads in the top 1-3 spots across the board. They created and tested a series of high converting landing pages for us resulting in significantly more site visitors converting to lead enquiries and better ROI. We now have more leads than the sales team can handle and are doing 4 times ROI on ad spend.

Lawrence Wolf
Director, Ecofoam and Foamed Insulations

“650% Return on Our Investment”


“Greg Cassar was instrumental in building a complete lead generation system for us based around a PPC strategy that has been able to generate an outstanding return on investment. From this strategy alone we have directly generated over $170,000 in sales – for around a 650% return on our investment! Needless to say, we are very happy and very impressed!”

Andrew and Daryl Grant

“The Best Financial Management Training I Have Ever Seen”


“Since 1993 I’ve been attending seminars and trainings for my own businesses and to keep up to date. Greg Cassar delivered the best financial management training l have ever seen. He translated boring and complex financial management principles into easy to implement tools l can use right away.”

Jeff Muir
That’s Easy Learning

“My Cost Per Lead is Only About 1/10th of the Industry Norm”


“I’ve been working with Greg Cassar and the Internet Marketing Done For You Team for several months now.

I came to be working with them because I saw that many of the most switched on marketers in Australia were using them behind the scenes in their business for traffic, conversions and sales.

The front end of my marketing funnel that the Internet Marketing Done For You team has helped create for me is amazing. Over 3 1/2 months it has a conversion ratio of 49.7%, this means that my cost per lead is only about 1/10th of the industry norm.

Thanks for putting the time in to teach me.. out of all the seminars and other stuff I’ve done, this has by far been the most valuable because you actually give me tangible results…

Thanks again guys”

Mark Ottobre
Trainer of multiple natural champion bodybuilders

“We’ve had to ask Greg to stop producing leads to us because we can’t cope…”

Steve Gillespie
Millionaire Property Makers

“In Just 8 Weeks We Were Online & Making Sales and Growing Every Month”


“We went from working for 2 years on the wrong solution with another provider without any results. Then we switched to Greg Cassar and The Collective to help us with strategy and implementation. We went from start to finish in 8 weeks with our new eCommerce store. Now every month is bigger than the last.”

Anthony B

“It’s Great to Meet Other Business Owners at the Masterminds and Learn What is Working for Them So That I Can Then Take Away and Implement Them in My Business”

Gary Nickless
CEO – Lifestyle Clotheslines

“Our Clients Say ‘You Guys Are Everywhere'”


Greg Cassar and his team built us a lead conversion website and traffic system that systematically produced multiple leads per day starting from the very first day we turned it on. Their Google Adwords campaign dominance in the search engine is masterful.

Next they implemented re-marketing for us which helped with low cost conversions as well as our brand awareness. Our clients and prospects see our banners everywhere that they navigate around on the web. Our clients say “You Guys are Everywhere”.

If you are after traffic and lead conversion you are in the right place.

David Treloar
Getaway Camper Trailers

“Our Cost Per Lead Has Halved”

Bill Hyde
CEO Tile Rescue

“Greg is Always on the Cutting Edge… You’ll Get Some Phenomenal Results”

Dale Beaumont
Founder and CEO – Business Blueprint

“So Many Skill Sets For One Person it’s Ridiculous”


“Greg Cassar is an under the radar genius. He’s super technically competent and has been doing things behind the scenes for huge companies. He has so many skill sets for one person it’s ridiculous, but in particular web and traffic conversions is how I know Greg”

James Schramko –

“I’ve Now Got a Lot of Different Sources of Leads & Customers and Also Automated Ways to Get the Customers Who Don’t Buy Initially to Come Back Again”

James Mitchell
CEO – Workshop Software

“Armand Morin – Business Success & Life Design Strategist”


“I know Greg, I’ve been through all his stuff (traffic, conversion, marketing funnel sequences). He really does know what he’s doing.”

Sydney, May 2010

“If you are looking for traffic, if you are looking for conversions online…”

Mal Emery
Millionaire Maker, Business Coach, Consultant, Author

“Greg Cassar is an Adwords Genius!”

Glenys Cox

My income shrunk to less than half when I lost my Adwords account.

The more I tried to remedy the situation, the more I received the ‘runaround’ from Google. I heard of people who were banned for life from Google for the same reason as me, for simply not understanding that the rules had changed!

Then Greg said that he would help me to get my Adwords account back. He infiltrated Google to the Google Policy Team to find out what they wanted!

Greg and his team fixed up the problem Google had with my website (and completely redesigned it along the way) to get my Adwords account back

Thanks Greg, you are an Adwords Genius!

Glenys Cox
Director, Online Horse College

“Spike Humer – Profit Strategist & Former CEO of Jay Abraham Group”


Greg is more than an internet marketer — he’s a marketing, sales, and client ascension expert and specialist. Greg has my strong endorsement and I only introduce him directly to my best clients and closest colleagues.

Greg’s not an “internet guru” who sells and tells people “what they should do”—Greg simply gets it done and gets great results for his clients.

“This is our 2nd year in the Collective. We Came Here Wanting Technical Knowledge & Are Going to Walk Away With Much Much More… We Have Learned to Open Our Mind to New Concepts & Ideas and Great Thinking That Has Taken Our Business to the Next Level”

Lainie Anderson
Director – The Sunglass Fix

“Darren Stephens – Internationally best selling author of “Millionaires & Billionaires Secrets Revealed””


Greg Cassar is an Awesome internet strategist and if your serious about wanting to successful on the internet, than you must consult with Greg, his knowledge is priceless

“They are specialists at helping you find customers online… thinks like marketers but deep knowledge of all the technical stuff”

Matt Clarkson

“Within one month of taking over my traffic strategy they were able to double my number of leads and reduce my cost per lead by 20%.”


I highly recommend Greg Cassar and his team. In a very rapid timeframe, they completely rebuilt my site with a crisp professional look and feel and a home page that converts as well as a good landing page.

Rick Pegus
Managing Director
SKYPAC Aviation Pty. Ltd

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