Marketing Funnel

Marketing Funnel

Broadly speaking, a marketing funnel is the series of contacts or touches you have with a prospect in order to build relationship and trust and ultimately convert them into a client by making a sale.

Most online marketers focus on ‘selling’ as soon as new site visitors get to their website. While this may work for companies like Amazon, it is not the recommended approach for 99% of sites online.

Switched on marketers provide a ‘free’ exchange of value where the primary purpose of the website is to give away something of a high perceived value in exchange for the contact details of the site visitor.

This way you have a higher chance of selling to the new site visitor because you have their contact details and can market to them again via your marketing funnel.

Once people enter your funnel, you can communicate to them over and over again. This continual contact, as long as it is always of value to the customer, will develop trust and repoir and eventually continues sales. It gives you the ability to contact your ‘list’ with special offers and automatically turn on the money switch!

The key is to always offer something of value.

The whole purpose in your marketing funnel is to ‘build your list’, or your customer database. Your funnel will help you achieve this, it allows people to easily enter the sales process with you and ride the ‘greasy slide’ through your sales process to an eventual sale or ideally, repeat sales creating a customer for life.

There is an art to getting this right. Greg Cassar has arguably split tested more different scenarios than any other Australian based web company, so when we give you advice we are not guessing, as it is based off real experience.

We can help you to create an automated system for driving traffic, capturing leads, automating the follow up with them with multiple media types to both give valuable content and also make offers systematically over time.

Essentially what we will build for you is a money making machine!

If you have an existing successful business and you have multiple products that could be offered systematically in a marketing funnel design then please feel free to Contact Us on 1300 082 614 to discuss your business requirements.

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