Next Mastermind

Please Spend a Few Minutes to Lock in Your Place for the Next Collective Mastermind & Group Activity

(Prior to the Cut-off Date of COB Tuesday 5th of September)

(We had up to 1/3 of the group changing their info in the last few days previously, so the aim is to systemise the process so we know you are coming; we can cater for your exact dietary requirements; we know if you want a lift; we waste less money, and we don’t have unhappy providers because we are changing the numbers in the last few days :))

Step 1 – All the Info You Need

pdf-dloadRight Click & Download the PDF will all the information for the upcoming mastermind

(The fun group activity is the afternoon of Wednesday the 13th of September, and the Mastermind is Thursday the 14th of September)

Step 2 – Personalizing Your Mastermind Experience

(Please note, we would rather not do this one but we feel its necessary to keep all the organisations we deal with happy for catering and staffing and to save thousands on wasted costs per Mastermind :))

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Business Growth
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