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Every business needs a professional looking website that is well structure and easy to use. As a website owner chances are you want to provide quality content, build rapport and trust with your prospects – but most of all the purpose of your website really is to sell or to capture the details of your visitors so that you can follow up with them again.

Most Internet Marketing Service providers are just “marketers” or are just “techos” resulting in them providing sub-standard advice to you the business owner/entrepreneurs because they only give the part of the picture that they know. This results in you feeling frustrated at splashing out big bickies for websites that are pretty but just don’t work, or sales websites that are effective but don’t have enough traffic to make them pay their way.

What is Direct Response Website Design?

A direct response website is one which is designed to entice a viewer to take a primary desired action or actions. These direct response actions can include: calling a phone number, filling out a form, signing up for email, printing out a coupon, engaging in online chat and / or making a purchase.

These are the types of websites that the team of developers and Internet Marketing Consultants at Internet Marketing Done For you build for our clients.

This means that during the planning and strategy phase we will help you identify the real primary course of action that you need people to take on your site and then design the main page of your site so that it is easy and logical for site visitors to take that course of action. The same can also be said for the secondary desired courses of actions.

The Collective is different from the average website development company. We come from both a technical point of view and an emotional direct response marketing background. This means we can put automated systems in for you to get targeted traffic, convert that traffic into leads, convert those leads into sales and convert those new customers into Loyal fans. We can do all this while keeping the search engines and other internet powers to be happy with your new site.

“The biggest mistake website owners make is that they go out and spend a small fortune with some technically brilliant ‘web designer’ to create a website that even wins a website ”design award”. Fact is though… it does not effectively SELL the clients products or service. And remember… we want to create a website that SELLS!

We’re less concerned about the business image that the website creates, we don’t care if it wins a ”website design award”… we just want it to SELL and put money into my bank account!

Mal Emery – Millionaire Maker & Business and Marketing Coach

When your prospect first gets to your site before we can try and sell them anything we need to get them to make a decision to stay on your site. There is a term called the ‘Ten Second Rule’ which means that within ten seconds your new site visitor will try to understand what the site is about, then they will try to figure out whether or not it is for them and whether or not they will stay at the site or click away. This means that we don’t have much time to communicate this message with them. Your website should have a clear and descriptive headline and site structure which simply explains who you are and what you do and the main benefits for the consumer.

Any website created for you is a custom designed project, you will never get an out of the box template! Every website we build has CMS (Content Management System) so that you can quickly and easily modify content yourself without having to ask a web developer. This saves you both time and money.

Contact Us today on 1300 082 614 for a no obligation consultation to see if The Collective can provide a custom website development for your business as part of an overall marketing strategy that is an effective online marketing system, not just a website.

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