Local Domination – Be A Big Fish In A Small Pond

Local Domination -Be A Big Fish In A Small Pond

 Blanket Marketing Vs Big Fish In Small Pond When it comes to online advertising, especially for services based businesses and traditional ‘bricks and mortar’ businesses , we can do blanket marketing and put our marketing message out across the whole state or we could […]

Mobile Design Essentials In 2018 And Beyond

Mobile Design Essentials In 2018 And Beyond

In the past, when I’ve taught website design optimization, I focused on desktop first. Now, with the vast majority of website traffic coming from mobile we really do need to be thinking about mobile first. Plus, Google now has two indexes. They’ve got a mobile […]

8 Website Design Tweaks to Capture More Leads & Make More Sales from Your Website

Often business owners spend big bucks on stunning website design, however little thought is put into design that actually converts. 

Here’s some best practices for web designs that convert based on my 8 years experience running an online Marketing agency and/or Internet Marketing Coaching organisation. […]