Attention Business Owners Wanting Rapid Business Growth from Your Digital Marketing:

You Could Literally Be Just A Few Small Tweaks Away From DOUBLING, TRIPLING, or even 10x’ing your business… but do you know which tweaks you need to make and in what order? Introducing…

The ‘Collective’ Digital Marketing Mastermind Program!

A Group of Like Minded, Fun Loving, Switched-On Entrepreneurs Getting Together To Accelerate Their eCommerce Stores, Amazon, Funnels, Offers, Traffic, Leads, Sales, Mindsets, Profits & Lifestyles.

This is Your Unique Opportunity to Get Leading Digital Marketing Profit Strategist Greg Cassar & His Team Responsible for Over 1.8 Million Leads & Over $100 Million in Sales Online Working Side-by-Side Helping You to Exponentially Grow Your Business

Digital Marketing is the best, fastest & most cost effective way of acquiring leads and customers for just about any businesses in today’s modern economy.

How much money you make in the next 1-5 years will most likely be the average of all the people you are associating with right now.

All the best in the world at anything have coaches – Your Knowledge and Your Mindset are Your Greatest Assets as a Business. A coach will see things you won’t see and take you in directions you didn’t know were there.

Being a business owner, marketer or CEO can be hectic, lonely, tiring and stressful

Chances are you are no different to most business owners we meet. We understand you need to…

  • Get more traffic and visibility
  • Convert that traffic cost effectively into leads
  • Nurture, build and maintain great relationships with those leads
  • Turn more leads into customers
  • Get your customers to spend more
  • Get your customers buying again
  • Make each transaction more profitable
  • Build a brand
  • Build a long term sustainable profitable business
  • Engineer the dream lifestyle you want and deserve

Sure You Can Be a Lone Wolf…

You can go it alone with just you and your team and figure out how to do all these different ‘point solutions’ in your business

You can travel from event to event and read book after book and try to pull together how it all hangs together

You can listen to podcasts, mindset training and meet with other local business owners getting similar results to you

But we both know this is really the slow and expensive route as you need to constantly ‘re-invent the wheel’.

Even as you learn new stuff you now need to figure out ‘how to implement it’ without getting bogged down by all the ‘tech stuff’.


You Can Work Smarter Not Harder…

Why re-invent the wheel when you can fast track your success by leveraging and modeling proven tactics, strategies and solutions from a group of like-minded entrepreneurs and your coach who have achieved success in this area before?

The Smarter Way… The Collective Digital Marketing Mastermind Program for Accelerating Your Businesses Traffic, Leads, Sales, Profit, Cash & Fun by Leveraging the Very Latest Digital Marketing Strategies, Millionaire Mindset, Strategic Relationships & Financial IQ..

The Collective is a live mastermind group of high achieving Business Owners, CEO’s and Entrepreneurs that gathers together for intensive private mastermind meetings 4 times a year.

In this amazing group you will discover leading edge strategies and tactics that give you a significant advantage over your competition.

But the real power is the safe environment where business owners & entrepreneurs privately discuss their challenges, take situations apart and put them back together; solve tough problems in real time; & share the results of what is working now for them.

We support, encourage and challenge each other, swapping strategies, techniques, vendors, technologies and resources.

The Collective Intelligence

The collective intelligence of the group is far greater than any one individual.

Each person is from a different industry and has unique experience. There are business owners in this group doing everywhere from a couple hundred thousand dollars a year to hundreds of millions of dollars a year. This creates a powerful synergy of ideas and fascinating, unpredictable discussions.

We bring together remarkable people for a compounding effect where 1 + 1 really does equal 3. These amazing business owners share the knowledge and experience that comes from their winners and their losers everytime that we meet together and grow. When smart people come together they multiply each others talents.

You will get access to the most incredible, elegant ideas, best practices, and connections — things that really just make your business the best that your business can be.

You speak to nearly any 7 or 8 figure Entrepreneur and when they trace back every significant income gain or profitable relationship, they all stem from some form of mastermind group.

A Truck Load of Fun

Business should be fun right?  Life is too short to not be enjoyed, so while we ‘Work Hard’ in The Collective we also ‘Play Hard’.

Just before every mastermind we get together as a group and have amazing fun experiences.  These include but are not limited to white water rafting; indoor skydiving; go cart racing; laser tag; the amazing race; sailing; speed boats and much more…

You will find the annual fancy dress Christmas party is easily the wildest night of the year in your business.

The Collective is proudly the only mastermind with its own official drinking game ‘slaps’ – you will have to try if for a good laugh.

Coaching Calls With Greg Cassar

Do you think having a guy who has spent over $250k on his business, sales, mindset & marketing education; and worked with over 300 businesses helping you with fortnightly one-on-one strategy calls is going to help you steer your ship in the right direction?

Absolutely, Greg Cassar has been the secret weapon behind the scenes of many of the biggest marketers in Australia, the US and the UK. Marketers including Richard Bandler (Co-creator of NLP), Mal Emery, Matt & Amanda Clarkson, Andrew and Daryl Grant and many more…

These fortnightly calls aren’t all just theory. Greg will also share his screen with you and roll up his sleeves and help you to build your adwords, google shopping and Facebook ads campaigns for a rapid increase in your lead generation and sales.

Web Development

Greg ran a successful marketing agency for 6 years. When he shut that down he kept the development team and operations manager.

As a Collective member you get 10-15 developer hours per month. The reality is we help you to re-build your website and your eCommerce store.

This step is crucial. Everyone wants more traffic but the reality is conversion needs to come first, so us helping you to get a state of the art web presence will make you more profitable right from the get go.

Our team becomes an extension of your marketing team. We help you to get un-stuck on any technical issues that are holding you back. You get access to a Marketing Strategist, and a whole marketing and development team for less than an entry level employee.

Positive Mindset For Success

The reality is you can’t build a big business with a small mindset. The same level of limited thinking that got you to where you are now will not get you where you want to go. Mindset is quite possibly the most important part for every entrepreneur to work on. As a group at the collective we will sharpen your ‘mind saw’ to perfection so you think more positively and creatively than ever before, whilst overcoming the limiting beliefs that have been holding you back.

We find that people will come with one mindset and belief system and transform and evolve that mindset and belief system over time to a new, more capable and confident version of themselves – real wealth is created in the mind first and then realised with our actions following that.

You will think bigger thoughts and dream… bigger dreams…

More Profit

Did you know you can actually grow a company broke?

It’s true, we’ve seen it.  Revenue is OK to focus on; profit is a better goal; but the reality is Cash is King.

The great news is it’s possible to engineer more profit and cash without even getting more customers or revenue.

Greg Cassar has studied and worked with many of the best financial minds on the planet and will share with you financial levers that can revolutionize your profit, cash, business and life.

Lifestyle Creation

You didn’t start your business so you could work more did you?

The reality is you are in the lifestyle design business. So join us and learn the secrets and hacks to tweak your business to suit your lifestyle goals.

Whether it’s working less days; knocking off at school pickup time; more international holidays and building a big nest egg for a rainy day; there is members in the group plus your coach that will help you to achieve those things and more.

We recommend and live the ‘live now’ approach rather than the ‘always delayed gratification’ approach as life is short and here to be lived.

“But My Business Is Different…”

Do you know how many times we hear that? Quite a few. The reality is growing
businesses is formulaic. There is a repeatable, duplicable formula that gets repeated for each business type.

Do you fit into one of these 4 main business types?

eCommerce and also Amazon

(Selling Physical Products)

Services Business

(eg. Chiropractor, Gym, Consultant etc)


(eg. Membership Site, Online Courses)


(Software As a Service)

If so, then your business isn’t different and you have the opportunity to thrive in the next year in The Collective.

The Secret Sauce…

The general manager of The Collective Jules describes it best when she says:

Greg has years and depths of experience across multiple industries, so he sees profitable opportunities that others don’t know are there.

Then out of all the opportunities he helps you sort and sift them so that you get rid of those which are a waste of time and only focus on the big hitters that are going to have the greatest impact on your business.

Then with the development team they will help you to implement the best practices in each of those areas so that you move faster than you ever have before and achieve exponential results that were not previously available to you

The Results Speak For Themselves

Here’s What Just a Tiny Handful of People are Saying About Their Experience with The Collective

Everyone Focusses on More Revenue, Greg is Really Focussed on More Profit… Especially in the eCommerce Space

Russell Brunson

Co-founder of Click Funnels

World Class – One of the Very Best Internet Coaches on the Planet… It Will Change Your Life & It Will Change Your Business!

Matt Clarkson

Co-Founder – Live Now Education

If You Are Looking For Traffic, If You Are Looking For Conversions Online…

Mal Emery

Millionare Maker, Business Coach, Consultant, Author

Just One Conversation a Week Ago with Greg Cassar Has Added an Extra Quarter of a Million Dollars of Business

Bret Thomson

Master Copywriter

Greg is Always on the Cutting Edge… You’ll Get Some Phenomenal Results

Dale Beaumont

Founder and CEO Business Blueprint

More Profit Per Customer While Optimising the Customer Experience Along the Way

Keith Krance

Co-Founder ‘Dominate Web Media’ & Co-Author ‘The Ultimate Guide to Facebook Ads’

It’s Not For Every One

The Collective Mastermind is an exclusive business accelerator group that is by Application Only for business owners who are dissatisfied with the speed at which they are growing and want to dramatically change that.

We know from experience that positive minded, fun loving entrepreneurs thrive in the group. The reality is we are probably not the right fit for each other if any of these describe you…

  • A negative mindset or a ‘blamer’ or ‘complainer’
  • Not open to learning new things
  • Just want everything ‘done for you’ without having do to anything yourself
  • Racist or sexist
  • A non-funded start-up with no runs on the board yet

Your Next Steps

The Collective is an exclusive, fun group that connects high-achieving entrepreneurs and business owners and helps them grow their businesses rapidly.

Enquire today for your free strategy call to find out more information and see if we are a great match for each other.