What If You Really Can Have It All?

The Collective Mastermind is a business, investing & marketing coaching mastermind for successful Entrepreneurs & Investors wanting more traffic, leads, sales, profit & cash, plus better health & longevity, & wiser investments to set themselves up for life, while living their dream life by design

Every single business in The Collective has more than doubled. Will yours be next?

Business Coach, Marketing Coach, Investment Coach & High Level Mastermind For Full Lifestyle By Design

Business Coach, Marketing Coach, Investment Coach & High Level Mastermind For Full Lifestyle By Design

Greg Cassar's 5 Goals For Collective Members



Your Dream Lifestyle by Design

Best Mindset & Emotions of Your Life

Best Health & Longevity of Your Life

Greg Cassar's 5 Goals For Collective Members

Business Multi Millionaire

Investing Multi Millionaire

Your Dream Lifestyle By Design

Best Mindset & Emotions of Your Life

Best Health & Longevity of Your Life

Areas Your Business & Life That Will Be Optimised in The Collective

Areas Your Business & Life That Will Be Optimised in The Collective

A Truck Load Of Fun

Business should be fun right?  Life is too short to not be enjoyed, so while we ‘Work Hard’ in Collective we also ‘Play Hard’.
Just before every mastermind we get together as a group and have amazing fun experiences.  These include but are not limited to white water rafting; indoor skydiving; go cart racing; laser tag; jet ski’s; sailing; speed boats and much more…

Fun Group Activities

Just before or after every mastermind we get together as a group. It's always amazing fun plus these activities bond the group together closely as friends so that the Mastermind process is built on trust and people share in a way that you won't see anywhere else.

March 2024
Yacht Day
September 2024
Hot Air Balloons
December 2024
Quad Bikes Island Adventure
March 2025
Jet Ski Island Experience
June 2025
Queenstown Snow Trip
September 2025
iFly Indoor Sky Diving
March 2024
Yacht Day

September 2024
Hot Air Balloons

December 2024
Quad Bikes Island Adventure
March 2025
Jet Ski Island Experience
June 2025
Queenstown Snow Trip
September 2025
iFly Indoor Sky Diving

So You Currently Are A Lone Wolf…

Business and life has been hard for many CEO’s, entrepreneurs & investors following what I think you would agree has been a crazy couple of years.

If you want it all, you can figure out all the pieces of the puzzle for yourself by trial & error (the longer, slower, less certain way).


You Can Join A ‘Pack’ & Thrive, Not Just Survive

The Collective is the highest level mastermind in Australia - positive like minded
people who come together to learn, share, help each other, laugh, have
adventures & party.

Think of it as a short cut - like getting given the answers on the business,
sales, marketing, health, longevity & investing test so you can spend more
time on the important things in life like family, friends & lifestyle.

Success Leaves Clues

Ask any Multi Millionaire - they all learned this stuff. The path to success, wealth & freedom is very similar for most high net worth individuals.

They all have millionaire mindset, business knowledge, marketing skills, selling skills, they get leverage with investing, and the smartest are also bio hacking and design their perfect lifestyle.

They say you need to be in the right spot at the right time & recognise opportunities that come your way - think of this as a sliding door. If you go through it & become a member your business, investing, health & lifestyle will change significantly.

The Collective Mastermind will transform & evolve you into a higher value individual. Here’s just a small sample of what you are going to learn…

Millionaire Mindset

As much as 80% of success is your mindset & how you manage your emotions. You can’t build a multi-million dollar + business or portfolio with a $100 mindset.

  • Identify & overcome blockages & beliefs that are holding you back
  • Learn how to master annoying negative thoughts (A.N.T.S)
  • Build the best version of you & engineer happiness
  • Understand your subconscious brain & give it the exacts it needs
  • Manifest success in your mind first then realise it with your actions


Business is the perfect vehicle to give you leverage in life for faster growth and more abundant financial resources, even if you identify as an Investor.
  • Choosing the right Business vehicle for maximum leverage & success
  • How Billionaires think & act differently from Millionaires
  • Master growth hacking for rapid exponential growth
  • Evolving as a CEO to effortlessly lead, inspire & profit
  • How to design the perfect business to suit your dream lifestyle


The more you learn about marketing the more money you make. Discover how to become a Rain Maker that can add value to & scale any business.

  • Recipe for success - the must have essential ingredients for growth
  • Systematic cost effective leads for maximum power & options
  • The 80/20 of Marketing Funnels - that bring in the most money
  • Lifechanging skill of Mastering Direct Response Marketing
  • Designing winning offers & mastering persuasion


Nothing happens until a sale is made. In life we are always selling - mastering closing is an essential skill that all successful people have in common.
  • Systematically close high ticket sales with no sales pressure
  • The exact sales script & system Greg used for $4m+ in phone sales
  • How to formulaicly sell like a pro on Webinars
  • Trust based selling & overcoming objections effortlessly
  • The 3 main ways to grow sales in any business

Exponential Investing

Investing perfectly compliments business for wealth creation leverage. We live in a very special point of time for asymmetrical gains from blockchain technology and tokenized assets. Greg Cassar provides Collective Members the ability to 'Copy Trade' him in order to achieve life changing results that they would not normally achieve on their own.
  • The golden goose checkmate move to set up your retirement
  • The effect of fees & how this one thing could be killing your gains
  • Portfolio diversification for winning in all market climates
  • Once in a Lifetime Opportunities - everything you need to know to win long term
  • Bulls & Bears - What Greg wished he knew younger for exponential gains
  • Compounding Cycles - How to string together multiple market cycles to catapult your net worth into the Millions and Tens of Millions of dollars in a formulaic and predictable manner.

Health & Longevity

All the success in the world means nothing if we lose our health. The latest science teaches smart entrepreneurs bio hacks to increase health & longevity
  • The 3 main supplements the worlds Billionaires take to live longer
  • The main reasons people can’t lose fat & what to do about it
  • The one tweak to make so you never have to diet again
  • How the most successful people on the planet use food as fuel
  • The exact steps we are taking to be healthier & increase healthspan

eCommerce & Amazon

Selling physical products that people already want is one of the best ways to get product and platform leverage for creating additional revenue streams

  • Exactly how we did $1m in our first year on Amazon
  • Our Amazon best practices & strategies from more than $10m in sales
  • 12 proven ways to get more eCommerce customers
  • 6 techniques to get eCommerce customers spending more
  • High converting eCommerce design elements to maximise sales

Financial IQ

Sales & marketing only take you so far, then you need financial IQ to be able to play the game at a higher level. All high net worth people are strong in this area.
  • The 5 big levers for growing cash in your business & pocket
  • The one big thing that drives more profit than everything else
  • What to look for & action to engineer your biggest pay days
  • How to engineer revenue into profit and profit into cash
  • Become higher value individual with what a CEO knows about financials

Lifestyle Design

Most people work hard and have very little control over when they work & where they work. What if you could engineer time, money and location freedom?

  • The complete entrepreneurs journey & identify your best next steps
  • Systematically how we work less & make more & you can too
  • The 80/20 and how to apply it to streamline your results & life
  • On track to greatness - how to build the best version of you
  • How Greg runs multiple companies & still surfs and rides everyday

The Collective Mastermind… Accelerate Your Businesses Traffic, Leads, Sales, Profit, Cash & Fun While Becoming Healthier, A More Successful Investor & More Time Free For The Things You Love

The Collective is a live mastermind group of high achieving Business Owners, CEO’s, Investors and Entrepreneurs that gathers together for intensive private mastermind meetings 4 times a year.

In this amazing group you will discover leading edge strategies and tactics that give you a significant advantage over your competition.

But the real power is the safe environment where high value individuals discuss their challenges, take situations apart and put them back together; solve tough problems in real time; & share the results of what is working now for them.

We support, encourage and challenge each other, swapping strategies, techniques, vendors, technologies and resources.

The Collective Group Think Intelligence

The collective intelligence of the group is far greater than any one individual.

Each person is from a different industry and has unique experience. There are business owners in this group doing massive scale - this creates a powerful synergy of ideas and fascinating, unpredictable discussions.

We bring together remarkable people for a compounding effect where 1 + 1 really does equal 3. These amazing business owners share the knowledge and experience that comes from their winners and their losers - when smart people come together they multiply each others talents.

You will get access to the most incredible, elegant ideas, best practices, and connections — things that make your mindset, emotions, business, health, investing & lifestyle the very best that they can be.

You speak to nearly any 7, 8 or 9 figure entrepreneur and when they trace back every significant income gain or profitable relationship, they all stem from some form of mastermind group.

Coaching Calls & Trainings With Greg Cassar

Do you think having a guy who has spent over $250k on his business, sales, mindset, marketing & investing education; and worked with over 300 businesses helping you with strategy calls is going to help you steer your ship in the right direction?

Absolutely, Greg Cassar has been the secret weapon behind the scenes of many of the biggest marketers in Australia, the US and the UK. Marketers including Richard Bandler (Co-creator of NLP), Mal Emery, Matt & Amanda Clarkson, Andrew and Daryl Grant and many more…

These calls aren’t all just theory. Greg will also share his screen with you and roll up his sleeves and help you to build your adwords, google shopping and Facebook ads campaigns for a rapid increase in your lead generation and sales.

We will also have group AMA (Ask Me Anything) drop in calls so you can get your questions answered quickly. You will also keep up to date on the very latest with ongoing monthly webinar trainings between Masterminds.

“But My Business Is Different…”

Do you know how many times we hear that? Quite a few. The reality is growing businesses is formulaic. There is a repeatable, duplicable formula that gets repeated for each business type.
Do you fit into one of these 4 main business types?

Ecommerce & also Amazon

(Selling Physical Products)

Services Business

(eg. Chiropractor, Gym, Consultant, etc.)

Information Business

(eg. Membership Site, Online Courses)


(Software As A Service)

If so, then your business isn’t different and you have the opportunity to thrive in the next year in The Collective Mastermind.

Your Collective Mastermind Coach

Greg Cassar is a 48 year old self made multi-millionaire. He has made his money from marketing, sales, business and investing.
  • His portfolio of companies does up to $2m per month
  • Helped scale more than 350 businesses as founder, coach, partner or agency
  • Spent years learning in the highest level masterminds in the world
  • Ran a Marketing Agency for 7 years & a previous mastermind for 6 1/2 years
  • Scales businesses on win/win profit shares as a Growth Hacker
  • His team is responsible for more than $500m in sales online
  • Multi-millionaire investor with proven track record of teaching it to others
  • Surfs everyday & lives the full lifestyle by design in tropical paradise

What Others Say About Working With The Collective Mastermind Coach

“From Zero Revenue to $100K Per Month
in Just 11 Months…”

“From Zero Revenue to $100K Per Month in Just 11 Months…”

Paul Glossop
Director – Pure Property Investments

“In Our First 12 Months Not Only Have We Doubled Our First
Business But We’ve Started a Profitable 2nd Business as Well”

“In Our First 12 Months Not Only Have We Doubled Our First Business But We’ve Started a Profitable 2nd Business as Well”
Colin And Loren Fragar
Directors – Council Approval Group

“Made Me Many Millions Of Dollars”

Working with my mentor Greg Cassar — Ideas and Strategies I’ve learned from Greg has made me many millions of dollars. You don’t want to miss his training.

Andy Small

“Doubled Our Sales Revenue Within Our First 6 Months in The Collective”
“Doubled Our Sales Revenue Within Our First 6 Months in The Collective”
Debbie Pask
Rezinate Spiritual
“Our Business Has Grown Two Fold in the Last 12 Months”
“Our Business Has Grown Two Fold in the Last 12 Months”
Jess Walker
Holocron Cyber

“So Many Skill Sets For One Person It’s Ridiculous”

Greg Cassar is an under the radar genius. He’s super technically competent and has been doing things behind the scenes for huge companies. He has so many skill sets for one person it’s ridiculous, but in particular web and traffic conversions is how I know Greg

James Schramko

“We are Working 30% of the Hours we Used to and Make Three Times More Money”
Jason Gray
Director, Equine Veterinary Service (EEVS)
“In the First Month Working with Greg We Doubled Our Number of Sales…”
David Heatley
Founder, Cycling Inform
“Over $10M In Sales With A 3 ROAS”
“Working and partnering with Greg on our Amazon & eCommerce businesses resulted in over $10m in sales together with a 3X ROAS. Strategy, Project Management, Team Management, Traffic & Conversion – Greg owns and executes on the lot”

Derek Locker
Locker Innovations

“Everyone Focuses On More Revenue, Greg Is Really Focused On More Profit… Especially In The Ecommerce Space”

Russel Brunson
Co-Founder of Click Funnels

“In Two Years Greg Tripled Our Business And Now We Have Tripled Again”

Craig Anderson
CEO & Founder – The Sunglass Fix

The Sliding Doors Call

We were at the Christmas Party post Mastermind recently and everyone was sitting around the table eating, drinking and laughing. An interesting comment came from one of the female Collective members that is worth a share as it shows the impact of the group.

"I didn't realise what a sliding door opportunity that initial call I had with Greg about The Collective was. Its like the Gwyneth Paltrow 'Sliding Doors' movie where if you go down two different paths you get two different lives. Thank God I decided to join the group and also was accepted in - My business has doubled, I've lost weight, I've slowed down my aging process, I'm having more fun in life and now he has taught me how to invest like a pro to get into tens of millions of net-worth. And to think I nearly didn't join because I didn't want to invest two and a bit grand a month. Crazy!".

Do You Have What It Takes To Be Elite?

Special Forces become Elite because of their training, mindset, plus who they hang out with and are influenced by.
Will you go it alone? Or will you raise your standards and engineer business, investing & life to have it all?

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Time Commitment?

You and your team can attend as much or as little of the live Masterminds, webinars and coaching sessions as you like.

All sessions are recorded and questions can be submitted ahead of time if you can’t make a session.

When & where are the Collective Mastermind Events?
Yes, there are 4 live intensive Collective Masterminds per year. Initially they are planned for the Gold Coast, however we may change the location of some masterminds in order to do more cool, fun activities around the country.
Can I bring a Business Partner?
Yes, you may have a 2nd person from your organisation at a Collective Mastermind. This can be a business partner (not just a team member as this is a senior level mastermind).
How Many Coaching Calls Do I Get?

We do 2 x group mastermind consult calls per week. These are amazing because not only does Greg Cassar help with your business challenges or opportunities, but other members of The Collective also share their experience as well. We also have the ability for you to book individual consult calls with Greg for things that you do not wish to discuss in the group setting.

What is the Price / Investment?

The Collective Mastermind is a minimum 12 month program, then month by month ongoing.

The investment is $2,997 per month and includes all event and activity costs for yourself and optionally includes a business partner (not team member as this is a senior level mastermind).

The goal together would be to increase your profits by more than your investment in the Collective Mastermind as quickly as possible so you are in front from the word go. At the time of writing this there is not a single business in The Collective that hasn't at least doubled in size, so the risk of not getting a return on your investment is very low.

The other big return on investment is that many of The Collective Members 'Copy Trade' Greg who is a crypto multi millionaire. It is not uncommon for Collective Members to end up making more money from their investing than their business.

Is the Collective Mastermind Right for Me?
If you have a positive mindset, a can do attitude and a high 6, 7, 8 or 9 figure business that has growth potential then Collective could be good for you.

If you are open to building your net worth rapidly as an exponential investor then this may be a great fit.

The reality is we need to carefully curate the group membership and dynamics to create an awesome, high value mastermind. Not everyone who applies will be able to be accepted.

What Kind of Results are Other Members Getting?
Every single business in The Collective who has been in for at least a year has doubled in size or tripled or more since joining the group, as Greg Cassar is a Growth Hacker, so its hard no to grow when you have a Growth Hacker guiding you.

On the investing side its not uncommon for Collective Members to say that their investments have grown more in a month than they previously did in a year. This is truly life changing especially when you learn how to compound your capital with multiple investment cycles.

You will see when you get to your first Collective Mastermind the buzz in the room as the members are crushing it in business and life as a general rule and are super stoked to see each other and celebrate each others wins, and help with their challenges.

It's very common for members to be having record months & years, record profits, outstanding success mindset, wiser investments and better health and longevity than they ever have before.