About Greg Cassar

Your Collective Mastermind Coach

Greg Cassar is a 48 year old self made multi-millionaire. He has made his money from marketing, sales, business and investing.
  • His portfolio of companies does up to $2m per month
  • Helped scale more than 350 businesses as founder, coach, partner or agency
  • Spent years learning in the highest level masterminds in the world
  • Ran a Marketing Agency for 7 years & a previous mastermind for 6 1/2 years
  • Scales businesses on win/win profit shares as a Growth Hacker
  • His team is responsible for more than $500m in sales online
  • Multi-millionaire investor with proven track record of teaching it to others
  • Surfs everyday & lives the full lifestyle by design in tropical paradise


Enterprise Architect working for CSC designing computer networks and server infrastructure for clients including but not limited to BlueScope Steel, BHP Billiton & AMP Bank

Digital Marketing Agency

Greg Cassar started selling online in 2003 and was instantly good at it. He started getting requests to help others with their Marketing and quickly left his day job and started his own Direct Response / Traffic / Conversion Optimization Digital Marketing Agency that he ran for the next 7 years.

Digital Marketing Profit Strategist & Coach

After 7 Years in the Agency Greg morphed to become a coach and ran the highly successful Digital Marketing Mastermind ‘The Collective’.

Over the next 6 1/2 years he helped over 100 businesses grow by as much as $50m in additional sales in some cases.

Greg stopped running The Collective at the start of Covid and picked it up again in 2023 with what is now The Collective 2.0 with a focus on Marketing, Business, Investing, Health, Longevity, Mindset, Emotions & Lifestyle By Design.

The $250k+ Education

With a hunger for knowledge and success Greg Cassar has consistently sought out & learned from the best coaches from around the globe in the areas of Traffic, Conversion, eCommerce, Sales, Financial IQ, Investing & Success Mindset.

Greg Cassar

Digital Marketing Profit Strategist

  • In the top 1% of Marketers on the Planet
  • Worked with/in 350 Businesses
  • Driven over 2 Million Leads
  • Responsible for Over $500m in Sales Online
  • Managed over $10m in Clicks
  • Performed over 400 Split Tests
  • Speaker/Educator for the Australian Government
  • Positively impacted a lot of lives

Fun Loving Family Man

Greg Cassar lives an an active coastal family life with great work/life balance. He loves his wife, his kids, surfing, motorbike riding and fun outdoors. He is famous for being extremely honest and ‘what you see is what you get’ with no surprises.

Growth Hacker

Greg now works with just a small handful of strategic, fun, global hero businesses as a Growth Hacker / Partner to exponentially scale them for category leadership/domination.

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“Greg Is Always On The Cutting Edge… You’ll Get Some Phenomenal Results”

Russel Brunson
Co-founder of Click Funnels

“World Class – One Of The Very Best On The Planet… It Will Change Your Life & It Will Change Your Business!”

Matt Clarkson
Co-Founder – Live Now Education

“If You Are Looking For Traffic, If You Are Looking For Conversions Online…”

Mal Emery
Millionaire Maker, Business Coach, Consultant, Author

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Brett Thompson
Master Copywriter