Marketing Awareness, Traffic Temperature and Stories

Hot Traffic –  They Know You, They Like You, They Trust You!

I want to talk through 3 topics; market awareness, traffic temperature, and stories. Perhaps you are thinking, what do these three things have in common? Hopefully I can make that clear as you read through.

Traffic Temperatures

You’ve got hot traffic, which is people that are searching directly for your product. They’re searching directly for your brand, directly for your service, directly for you. That’s hot traffic. They know you, like you, trust you. They want what it is that you sell.

Then you’ve got warmer traffic. They might be solution-aware. They know that there’s a solution to their problem. They are actively searching for it or they are open to it.

Then you have cold traffic. This is where your product or service may be ideal for them, but they really don’t even know that the solution exists. They don’t know that you exist and so they really don’t care about you.

converting cold and warm

Are you looking to scale your business? Up to a couple million dollars? If so, you can probably begin to do that with warm traffic and hot traffic. But after a while, you get to the point where search traffic taps out. Obviously, if you go to a bigger market like the U.S. it taps out much, much later, but you can get to the point where you’ve exhausted all those people searching. Then you’ll need to start thinking about going on display networks, so your responsive banners and image ads.

BUT… If you want to go beyond the 10-million top of the range type figures, you’re really going to need to figure out how to convert cold traffic. Now, there can be exemptions to this, for example with eCommerce stores, there is Google shopping where someone’s just searching for a product, you pop up with that product – they’ve never even heard of you before but they buy anyway.

However as a general rule, if you want to convert the masses, you need to figure out how to dial in cold traffic.

I was in Russell’s Brunson’s coaching and mastermind program last year and one of the biggest things that I got out of my time under his training was his concept of an epiphany. Epiphany can be defined as a moment of sudden and great revelation or realisation.

If you think about it, everything that you’re doing, you’ve had an epiphany about at some stage. What we have learned, though, is if you try to sell to someone and you use technobabble, for example, I’m really into digital marketing and I use all the jargon like, click-through rates and remarketing etc, and then I try to sell to cold traffic using that language messaging, it simply will not work, it will not convert.

So what I found true through Russell’s teachings in this case was if you want to go after the cold market, you don’t want to be using techno jargon and you definitely don’t want to be forcing things down other people’s throats.

If you think about a time in your life where you’ve had a typical case of the “salesman” saying “you’ve got to do this, you’ve got to do that”, your natural reaction is to pull away right?

But.. if they had been able to engineer it so that you get the epiphany for yourself and think: “you know what, this is the best thing since sliced bread, I really want that or I really need to do that,” then it’s a completely different experience right? Because, all of a sudden, you as the prospect are wanting it, you’re desiring it, you’re seeking it out rather than having it forced on you. Can you see how that totally changes the game? There is just such massive, massive difference.


So if you want to get your product or your service out to the masses, you really want to be focusing on engineering epiphanies in your marketplace. There’s this concept called an ‘epiphany bridge’.  Think about the epiphany that you got when you used the product or first used a service. My guess is that is wasn’t just the technical aspects of it or the benefits of it that made you purchase. More then likely it was based around how you were you feeling, what struggles you were coming up against, what walls you were hitting. Then you came across this product or service that created an “aha” moment – and met you where you were at emotionally – overcame the struggles or removed the walls you were hitting.

If you think about your product/service and what it solves for the end-user and the outcomes it provides and then put those into a very very simple explainer video, then you can engineer those epiphanies in another person.

In the video presentation above I give you an example of how Russell worked with a company called Pruvit to engineer the epiphany around the topic of ketosis.  What they did was take a complex subject called ketones and created a very simple explainer story to the masses about what it was, what effects it had on them and why their product ‘Keto OS’  was the answer the the question that they possibly didn’t even really know they were asking.

The problem is, if you go out to the masses saying, “The reason why you’re overweight is because your body’s not in ketosis and you need to start doing this and that to get into ketosis” – then you are almost always going to lose them.

With Keto OS, Russell wrote a script, and this was…then their people, this was like their main sales tool. They got people to get to…yeah, so basically, we get the epiphany, and this one video was the secret of how they went from zero to 100 million in the last year. So what they did was they took a complex subject, and then related it back to very, very simple subjects that people already know about. So I’ll try this for you. But watch a minute or two of it, and hopefully, you’ll get the idea of how it works. Okay.

Russell Brunson

[Video Script]: Have you ever built a campfire before? If so, did you know that by building that fire, you’ve actually unlocked the power for unlimited energy, fat loss, and focus? Let me explain. When you build a campfire, there are three types of fuel you can use: kindling, logs, and coal. Now, the kindling is the easiest to catch on fire. It burns fast, and if you’re not careful, they’ll be gone before the larger log even catch on fire. The log takes a little bit longer to catch on fire, but if you’re able to burn them correctly, eventually, they’ll catch the coals on fire and give you a nice, long heat that will keep you warm throughout the night.

So how does knowing that give you unlimited energy, fat loss, and focus? Well, did you know that there are also three types of fuel that run your body? Carbs, proteins, and fat, and each one works differently inside for you. The first is carbs. Yes, we love them. Yes, we crave them. And as soon as we start to eat them, it gives an instant burst of energy, but unfortunately, it doesn’t last long, and we’re left with a crash and a constant craving for more. The next, we shift to the proteins, the building blocks for our muscles, but also, they can actually be the barrier that keeps us from losing fat. And then there’s the last and the best source of fuel. We call this source fat. And like the coal, if you can catch it on fire, it’ll give you the longest and the best source of energy.

But for most people, it’s almost impossible to get to a state where they can actually burn fat, and this is the state we call ketosis. So why is this so hard? Well, it starts with the kindling or the carbs. We eat some, but they quickly burn off, causing our energy to drop and giving us cravings for more. You can keep throwing these sticks on the fire, but they will burn fast and never give us the consistent [inaudible 00:07:48] energy that we need. When you start to add proteins to this fire, your body can burn these logs and just fill a little bit longer, yet still doesn’t compare to what happens when you get your body to a state where it can actually burn fat.

So why did we wanna burn fat? Well, a few reasons. Common sense says that burning fats, well, it helps us lose fat. And he’s right. But on top of that, when you get to a state where you’re burning pure fat, they release ketones into your body. And little ketones are like thousands of little motivational speakers running through your body. They give you energy, they give you focus, they make you feel incredible, and, yes, they make the fat melt off your body because it’s finally being burned off. It’s no longer being guarded by the carbs and the proteins….

After reading through just that first few paragraphs of the video script, they were able to take a very very complex subject and turned it into a very simple and quite appealing subject that engaged the audience and engineered that ‘epiphany’ we’ve been studying. They did such a good job on this video which took them from zero to 100 million with that product in one year. Pretty impressive numbers for any business, right?

So if you’re going out to a colder market, think about it, “Am I just forcing stuff on them or what was the epiphany that I had about the product/service I’m selling? How did it make me feel? Now how can I now explain that really simply and how can I engineer an epiphany in others?” That’s what really, really works amazingly as you go out into colder advertising.


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