What Is The Trip Wire & Could it be the Key to Scaling Your Profits?

Today it’s becoming increasingly difficult to gain the trust of prospects and get them to hand over their hard earned cash for your product or service. 

The biggest game changer for businesses in the past year or so to help convert more prospects and leads into customers, is ‘The Trip Wire’. 

The Trip Wire is an irresistible, super low risk paid offer that gets you more customers on the front end. And, it’s probably the most important step in your sales funnel because its the most underdone. 

Traditionally, marketers would use a lead magnet (a compelling free offer in exchange

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3 Foolproof Ways to Double Your Business

As entrepreneurs we all want to grow our businesses. Most entrepreneurs that we meet are ‘too busy’ and ‘too time poor’ working in the business to take time out to think strategically about how to significantly ‘grow the business’. From working with over 200 businesses we have found that there are 3 main ways to double your business. The first one is to get more clients, but I guess that one is pretty obvious. If you can get double the amount of clients then you can pretty much double your business.  This is also the hardest and most costly way,

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Digital Marketing Summit: Are you Keeping up to Date with the Latest in Digital Marketing?

Are you keeping up to date with the very latest in digital marketing as it unfolds? I talk about the importance of this all the time. If you’re not on top of what’s currently working you’re insane because the internet changes so fast, that what was working several months ago may now not be working, but worse still, it could be actually hurting your business. Especially when it comes to traffic. Google and Facebook change their rules all the time without caring if you know them or not. If you’re not playing ball, they’ll slap you or worse, your account

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Surfing with James Schramko

I was Surfing With James Schramko When He Said…

Just a quick note to share some cool stuff from the last week or so, and some learnings from it. Life is good. I just got off the plane on the weekend from a crazy trip to Las Vegas for a high level mastermind with Ryan Deiss, Frank Kern and Perry Belcher (Don’t miss the keynote at the Digital Marketing Summit as I’m going to summarise the best stuff I learned from those guys this year plus much more). I made a rookie level mistake in Vegas and went to an all day pool party called ‘Rehab’ at the Hard

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Facebook Organic Reach Decline… and What to Do About it!

Facebook’s algorithm changed in the first half of 2014. The official wording from Facebook was that it was to clean up the newsfeed to make it more relevant. The unofficial wording on the street is that it’s so Facebook can now charge you for traffic that previously was free. What has happened is when you do a post on your page it now only goes to a fraction of the people (roughly 1/10th) than it did previously. Check out this quick video below for how to fix the problem with a boost. We have recently traveled the world learning from

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