How To Create Irresistible Facebook Ad Images Without Hiring An Expensive Designer

  If you are running Facebook ads without great visuals, you are leaving an enormous amount of money on the table. The visual image is the most important part of the ad – even more important than the headline as it is what catches the […]

Advertise Like a Pro on Facebook in 5 Easy Steps…


Facebook Advertising really is one of, if not the best way to drive leads to a landing page right now. The platform and its possibilities are virtually endless, but we see advertisers using a ‘hope and prey’ type methodology to its success rather than a […]

The Sleeping Giant of Traffic

The two biggest traffic sources of the web that most business owners use these days is Facebook and Google, and they do two completely different things.   The Modern Yellow Pages Google is like the modern version of the Yellow Pages. People are going there […]

Facebook Organic Reach Decline… and What to Do About it!

Facebook’s algorithm changed in the first half of 2014. The official wording from Facebook was that it was to clean up the newsfeed to make it more relevant. The unofficial wording on the street is that it’s so Facebook can now charge you for traffic […]

The Facebook Targeting Tightness Conversion Curve

How well the offer on your landing page/squeeze page converts when targeting visitors from Facebook (or other similar display media such as banner ads) is not always just related to the quality and effectiveness of the offer and the design and copy on your landing […]